Mission and objectives

Message of the Unit:

The Quality Assurance Unit at Mansoura Higher Institute for Technology Engineering strives to carry out the activities of quality standards of education and qualification for the adoption and implementation of internal audit systems, evaluation and continuous improvement to raise the level of performance to improve the educational process in the Institute and to reach a distinguished graduate that meets the needs of the labor market

 Objectives of the Unit:

1-Spreading the culture of quality among all employees of the Institute

2-Prepare qualified cadres to implement and follow up the quality assurance system at the Institute

3-Technical support for academic departments to continuously develop and improve educational programs to achieve targeted learning outcomes
4-Apply national academic standards to ensure the quality of education

5-Providing internal support for departments to achieve quality education

6-Establishing a database and documenting information and activities within the Institute.

7-Providing renewed knowledge in the field of quality assurance systems and mechanisms.