Dean of the Institute

prof.dr/ kassem Salah El Alfy

 Welcome to Our Institute

 I offer all the welcome and appreciation and congratulate the new students of the middle school, wishing them success and success during their studies at the institute in all its departments. I also congratulate my sons, the students of the Institute in its different years in the new academic year, and as you know, the administration of the Institute spares no effort in providing all the scientific and practical possibilities for all, in order to qualify for a bachelor’s degree in engineering and to work as qualified engineers qualified for the labor market in morals and knowledge, and this is what we always strive for. The Mansoura Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology includes a group of distinguished faculty and support staff in their specialties, and they all offer a lot of effort, work and perseverance, which is reflected in the graduates of the Institute and their good reputation. It also includes an elite of the administrative staff that supports educational services to reach you easily and easily. The courses of the institute have been carefully selected to keep pace with the modern technological renaissance, which gives the graduate the practical mental skills necessary for development and creativity in industrial and engineering institutions and to meet the needs of the labor market not only in Egypt but at the local, regional and global levels.