Transfer system

Conversion rules:

Transfer between private higher institutes is through electronic coordination according to the minimum announced for each institute and within the limits of 10% of the number of scheduled and the transfer of the student only once.

The paper transfer will be permanently canceled for new students starting from the academic year 2016/2017.

The failed student shall be transferred from his institute to a non-corresponding institute.

A student who does not apply to the Coordination Office in the year of obtaining the qualification shall be entitled to apply directly to the institute to be transferred to him, provided that the minimum qualification is obtained in the year of obtaining the qualification and a

maximum of one year only. Enrollment at any college or institute in the year of obtaining the qualification.

Clearing Rules:

The student must obtain the minimum admission to the institute in order to obtain the qualification or be successful with a good grade for the classroom system or (2.3 – +) for the credit hours system.

The transfer of the successful student in the first level, provided that the qualifying materials are met according to the ministerial decision during the two semesters, namely (mathematics – physics – engineering chemistry – mechanics – engineering drawing and projection – production engineering) and can exclude only one material and may not work clearing only after the equation Previous Articles.

Failure to approve the addition of an article not mentioned in the case statement submitted by the student for transfer as the student is not entitled to enter courses in the Institute after receiving the statement of the case.

The courses studied by the student and the number of credit hours not less than the credit hours of the courses to be equivalent.

The course is approved if its scientific content is achieved at least 75% of the scientific content of the material to be equivalent.

Transfer to the Institute