Communication Engineering

About The Department

The telecommunications sector has witnessed rapid and wide developments in recent decades in many fields (digital, mobile, photovoltaic, satellites, etc.).

The study of telecommunications and electronics opens the door to work in companies at different levels, small, medium and giant.

Companies designing and manufacturing electrical appliances.

Mobile and landline operators.

Software companies and artificial intelligence.

Maintenance and technical support companies for mobile services.

Internet Service Providers.

Embedded Systems Companies.


Providing high quality education in the field of telecommunication and electronics engineering and its applications in various fields.


Pursuing a distinctive education system that ensures participation in community-based research, development and training, which will improve the quality-of-life activities and continue to produce high-quality engineering graduates in telecommunications and electronic engineering.


– Prepare students to be able to understand the design of the   following systems: communications, electronic control, antenna   control, propagation of antennas and waves, and computer   networks and communications.

– Developing mechanisms for organizing conferences and   workshops, building a strong relationship with graduates,   participating in student competitions, writing books and e-   courses,  participating in university activities, providing technical   advice and advice, and publishing papers in high-ranking journals   and / or conferences.

– Enhance the role of information technology in education, research, administrative activities and community services, and  provide access to modern information sources.

– Improve and develop the capabilities and capabilities of faculty   and staff in the department and stimulate the spirit of   development  and creativity to them.

– Improving educational and research facilities and laboratories     continuously and updating educational curricula that meet the     needs of the labor market.

– Support research opportunities for faculty members to increase     the opportunities of scientific publication distinctive.

Department Labs

The Department of Communications and Electronics Engineering currently has 4 laboratories equipped with devices and equipment that contribute to the educational process and linking the scientific content provided to the student market, and the department is currently seeking to complete and develop these laboratories to serve the educational and research objectives of graduation projects and these devices and equipment distributed over a group of laboratories that are Engineers perform maintenance and testing of the equipment as well as assist in the preparation of experiments.

Power and Control Lab: This laboratory is equipped with a power unit and a group of DC motors, three-phase AC and single-phase and a number of microcontrollers as well as PLC to train students on how to control the speeds of engines of various types.







Circuit Lab: This lab is equipped to study electronic, digital and electrical circuits and how to test and design, where the student is familiar with the unified transistor and amplifiers and multi-phase signal and how to design as well as cutting and smoothing circuits as well as the design of integrated and differential circuits as well as the design of digital and logical circuits.







Communications Engineering Lab: includes a number of experiments covering many topics in analogue and digital communications (AM- FM- PM)








PCB Printing Lab: The lab is equipped with all necessary tools and materials (acids, printing paper, caustics) to print ready-made electronic circuits, which are designed by students using ready-made computer programs such as port

Department Head

Department DRs

Dr. Fatma Zain Elden Abd Elhalim

Department DRs

دكتور حمدي المنير

Dr. Hamdy Elmonayer

Department Demonstrators

عبد الرحمن شبكة

Eng. Abd Elrahman Shabaka

Department Demonstrators

آلاء عقل

Eng. Alaa Akl

Eng. Amera Bassiony

ايناس عوض

Eng. Enas Awad