Basic Sciences

About the Department

The Department of Basic Sciences aims to provide students with aspects of scientific and linguistic knowledge they acquire from the courses of basic sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics) and humanities (foreign languages – humanities). It is worth mentioning that the Department does not grant any degree, but it plays a vital role in the expansion of students’ understanding to master their various disciplines.


Excellence in teaching and applying the basic sciences necessary for various engineering programs


Prepare students for the Institute’s educational programs with advanced courses in science and cooperation with the various departments of the Institute in the application of those courses.


-Meet the needs of various engineering programs by providing students with knowledge and skills in the fields of basic  sciences and their applications.

-Upgrading the level of technicians in the laboratories of the department to support educational effectiveness.

-Continuous development of the Department’s courses to keep pace with modern technology to meet the needs of study programs and the labor market.

-Emphasis on continuing to apply adopted standards and evaluate students to measure the targeted learning outcomes

-Ensure that the objectives and outputs of the courses are consistent with the objectives and outputs of the study programs.

-Strive to meet the requirements of academic accreditation as one of the most important strategic objectives of the Institute.

Department labs

Chemistry Laboratory: The laboratory contains a set of chemical experiments related to analytical chemistry that help the student in identifying the different chemicals.

Physics Laboratory: The Physics Laboratory contains many devices that enable the student to study the physical properties of the material. In addition to experiments to study thermal energy and electrical energy.

Language Lab: This lab can help students to improve their listening, speaking, and writing by doing activities like presentations, working as a team to improve speaking, listening to English audios.

Computer lab:

Workshops: Workshops in the technical workshops for wood and metal operations, where the Mansoura College serves from seats, offices, doors, armrests, blackboards, swings and others where last year produced nearly 170 tables in various forms and 100 drawers for use in school buildings. Some 200-meter-long steel fences were also constructed to surround the stadiums as well as power poles for use at Horus University in New Damietta. A total of 160 cupboards were produced to equip the building under construction for schools in Mansoura College. Workshops 7 workers in different sections of the workshops as needed in any department.

Department Head

Department Demonstrators