Architecture Engineering

About The Department

Architecture is a wide field of engineering as it deals with city planning, community development, design, construction, evaluation, maintenance and restoration of buildings and facilities. The architecture profession dominates all aspects of life in one way or another, as it deals with the design and construction of housing, health, commercial, administrative, recreational, educational and research buildings. And transport buildings as well as regional and urban planning (cities and villages) and the development of strategic plans.


To have a leading and effective role in the academic education of architecture and to communicate with the community it serves.


The Department of Architecture at the Mansoura Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology to provide students with a basic scientific interdisciplinary curriculum and translate this into expressive architectural language keep pace with the developments of the times to have the ability to analyze, evaluate and design architectural systems and have the ability to conduct university research and develop the skill of communication significantly and effectively The needs of the growing labor market locally, regionally and globally in the architectural and planning fields.


– Provide multiple architects with a variety of academic backgrounds, experiences and interests.
– Provide students with knowledge and learning based on skills that are indispensable in successful architectural practices.
– Prepare a qualified architect who has a lot of experience to be able to meet the challenges of the labor market and construction.
– Develop the role of the Department of Architecture in the Institute as one of the specialized scientific centers and
distinguished locally and internationally in the field of engineering education.

– Promote scientific research and encourage scientific innovations.
– Improving students’ professional abilities in the direction of analytical and creative thinking.
– Continuous updating of study programs according to modern global trends.

Department Labs

The department is in the process of establishing an environmental lab and an embryonic lab

Department Head

Department DRs

Dr. Huda Mohamed Baz

Department DRs

Dr. Amera Gouda