Mansoura Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology was established by Ministerial Decree No. 3209 on 13-8-2012. The first batch was accepted in 2012 with 378 students.

The Mansoura Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology is distinguished by its privileged location in the city of Mansoura and on the road that connects the city of Mansoura with Damietta and Port Said on the east, Gharbia and Kafr El Sheikh on the west, Sharkia and Qalubia on the south, and New Damietta on the north. The Institute is characterized by the quality of buildings and the high level of services from the transfer of students, faculty members and their assistants and places of practice of student activities. The Dean of the current Institute is one of the members of the Committee for the promotion of professors in the Civil Engineering Committee specializing in water resources for the second consecutive session, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors is the former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering – Mansoura University Engineering Studies and Consultations Center, Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University,