Graduation Requirements

The studying programs have been designed so that there will be chances for diversity and achieving excellence, the graduation requirements for the different academic departments with total 165 credit hours at least, pointing out the requirements on the basis of; general cultural requirements, Engineering and Technology Institute requirements, Specialty requirements and Department requirements.

  • General Knowledge Requirements: 23 credit hour (13 hours compulsory+10 hours elective), it represents 14% of the degree requirements. Humanities, social science and general knowledge courses are required for improving the student’s personality and abilities.
  • Engineering and Technology Institute Requirements:45 credit hour (39 hours compulsory+6 hours elective), it represents 27% of the degree requirements and covers the minimum of the mutual engineering sciences that all the graduates have to study.
  • Specialty Requirements: not less than 64 credit hour (compulsory and elective that are changeable according to the specialty), it represents 39% of the degree requirements and represents the minimum of the mutual courses in all other engineering departments.
  • Department Requirements: not more than 33 credit hour (compulsory and elective according to the department), it represents 20% of the degree requirements and covers the courses that would help the student to choose a specific department belongs to the main specialty.