Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering seeks to provide the highest quality of undergraduate and graduate education. At the undergraduate level, the Department’s mission is to provide all students the opportunity for a broad-based educational experience, enabling them to address complex and multi-faceted civil engineering problems. The Department provides students with the fundamentals necessary to evolve in the profession and to respond to changing technological and societal needs. In addition, the Department’s undergraduate program provides the depth of preparation and fosters intellectual curiosity needed for graduate studies and research.
This mission reflects a recognition of the diversity of our students’ backgrounds, needs, and career aspirations.

Educational Objective

Upon graduation our students are expected to:
• Successfully apply fundamental mathematical, scientific, and engineering principles in formulating and solving engineering problems.
• Work competently in one or more core civil engineering areas of practice.

Work effectively and conduct themselves ethically in their professional environment.
• Pursue lifelong learning to develop better skills and new skills.

Study Plan for regular students

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